Paint Box Towels by Sarah Jackson

Paint Box Towels by Sarah Jackson

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Dazzling Cotton Towels!
Who thought cotton yarns could be so bold! With the magic touch of designer Sarah Jackson's hand, our 8/2 Aurora Earth unmercerized cotton yarn radiates with basic primaries that pop right off these generous-sized (18" x 26") kitchen towels. Kit makes 6 towels.

A Study in Color
Those six colors are combined 15 different ways in the warp with six of the combinations rotating as weft.
Sarah Jackson comments, "I loved weaving the towels and discovering how the interaction of the color combinations in both warp and weft impacted the cloth. I think you'll love weaving them, too!"

What You'll Need
*You will need to purchase and download the PDF pattern directly from Etsy. Click HERE to download Paint Box Towel PDF
*4-shaft loom Width: 22"
*EPI: 20 epi (2/10 dent reed)
*PPI: 20 ppi (weft)
*Shuttles: 2 shuttles
*Bobbins: 6 bobbins

Sarah Jackson Patterns
You will need to purchase and download this PDF pattern directly from Etsy. Click HERE to download Sarah Jackson's Paint Box Towel PDF pattern.

This is no ordinary pattern. In it you will learn everything you need to complete the project successfully! Plus you'll gain invaluable experience working with color combinations for your own future design projects. Pattern includes:
• Detailed project specifications
• Clear instructions for threading and treadling using a profile draft
• Numbered Threading and Treadling Guides
• Full-color profile draft
• Heddle counts
• Accurate instructions for warping and weaving
• Full-color draw-down section illustrating threading, tie-up, and treadling
• Color chart of Yarn Requirements that will identify the colors in your kit.

Weave Structure
The towels are woven in 8/2 cotton in 4-shaft straight draw (1-2-3-4). Simple threading. Straight forward weaving. Stunning towels!

Designed by Sarah Jackson