Pattern Weaving

Pattern Weaving

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This book on basic pattern weaving will teach you all the steps you need to weave on a foot-treadle handloom. The tips and variations will help you to explore your own creative weaving ideas and give you a firm understanding of the whys and hows of hand weaving. It is set up to familiarize you with common patterns and weave structures, but it is not strictly a cookbook of designs.

There are four projects in this book with complete directions, but when you finish it, you will understand how to use the weave structures and techniques from each of these projects to make a wide variety of other items and explore your own ideas in pattern weaving.

  • Basic steps needed to weave luxurious fabrics on a foot-treadle handloom
  • Tips and variations for exploring creative weaving ideas
  • Step-by-step color photos show the process
  • Projects for scarves, throws, table sets, runners, and blankets
  • Paperback



The Loom and Other Pattern-Weaving Tools

Basic Skills

The Warping Process

Loom Preparation and Beaming On

Winding on the Warp

Threading a Pattern

Sleying the Reed

Tying on to the Cloth Apron

Tying up the Treadles

The Filling

Sitting down to Weave


1. Two-Color Checked Scarf in Worsted Wool

2. Ms and Os Cotton Placemat and Runner Set

3. Herringbone-Checked Seamed Blanket

4. Cotton and Linen Table Set in Bronson Lace (Tied Spot Weave)

Next Steps in Pattern Weaving: Weaving Float-Work Patterns

Yarn Counts and Their Yardage


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