Paul Bunyan Plaid Scarf

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This weaving kit includes all the yarns needed to weave this Paul Bunyan Plaid Scarf that was designed by Yvonne Ellsworth for Easy Weaving with Little Looms Winter 2023.

Since childhood, Yvonne has been a big fan of the gentle giant Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. Buffalo plaid also has a larger-than-life mythical background. Whether it was actually worn by Rob Roy MacGregor is yet to be determined, but it is clear this classic pattern belongs with a legendary character.

This is a double-heddle project and will need two 8-dent heddles to achieve the twill effect. There's a heddle conversion chart available in this issue of Little Looms if you have two 7.5-dent reeds.

Weave structure:  twill

Yarns: Cotton Fine in Cavern (black) and Barn Red (red). The yarns used in the original design were 100% wool, Ultra Wool Fine. This kit includes Cotton Fine which is a lovely blend of cotton and wool. The yarns are similar in weight and the same sett can be used. 

Equipment needed: rigid heddle loom; 12" weaving width; two 8 dent reeds; 2 shuttles.

Finished size:  one scarf 10 1/4" x 72" plus 6" fringe.

Instructions needed: Easy Weaving with Little Looms Winter 2023 pages 34, 40-41. Available from Long Thread Media.

Note:  This kit includes all yarns needed to weave this scarf.  The pattern can be found in the magazine noted above.  You will need to purchase this magazine if you don't already own a copy.

Photo by Matt Graves