Quarantine Apron by Lois Weaver

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Cooking Up A Storm
When designer, Lois Weaver found herself in the kitchen more than at the loom during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders, she decided it was time to weave herself a Quarantine Apron!

Remembering Her Mom
One day as she walked into her kitchen to once again prepare more healthy foods from scratch, she remembered her Mom. "My Mom always wore an apron in her kitchen. There was something comforting about the ritual of putting on an apron before the cooking began each day".

Honoring All Moms
So Lois decided to weave this apron in honor of her Mom and all the moms out there struggling to find hope and stay healthy in this time of quarantine.

Cotton of course!
Cotton Clouds' 8/2 Aurora Earth is the perfect yarn for a strong and sturdy and easily laundered fabric.

Easy Weaving
This warp-faced fabric is easy to warp and weave. The 8/2 is used double in the warp with a single weft thread, to show off the beautiful sequence of warp stripes. Lois wove this on her rigid heddle loom but the fabric can easily be adapted to any loom with two or more shafts.

What You Need
Click here for *Quarantine Apron Pattern 

You will need to purchase and download the PDF pattern directly from Lois' Etsy site. This pattern has full color photos and diagrams and walks you through each step, from warping your rigid heddle loom to cutting the pieces to sewing the apron together.  It's a bestseller pattern on Etsy!

*Rigid Heddle or 4-Shaft Loom *12" weaving width loom
*12-dent reed
*shuttle and bobbins
*sewing machine
*tapestry needle
*various notions specified in pattern

Newly Adapted for 4-Shaft Looms
We've created a yarn pack that allows for 36" loom waste so that you can weave this on any 4-shaft loom. And the PDF pattern available on Etsy now includes 4-shaft warping and weaving directions.

Quarantine Apron Specs
Finished Dimensions:
Length: 30"
Width at widest part: 31"
Top piece: 11" wide

Children's Apron Specs (adapted from adult apron by Corinna Hettinger)                                                                   
Sett: 24 epi in a 12 dent reed. 2 ends per dent
Width in reed: 6.8”
Picks per inch: 24
Warp length: 2.5 yard warp following chart color order

Note:  Child size weaving pattern is included but you will need to purchase Lois Weaver's pattern on Etsy for sewing specifications.

What You Get
Our Quarantine Apron yarn package includes more than enough yardage of 8/2 Aurora Earth, 100% unmercerized cotton yarn in colors A, B & C mentioned in the pattern. (See color choices below)

Cooking & Weaving: What a Team!
Combine your love of weaving and cooking with this beautiful Quarantine Apron designed by Lois Weaver!