Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics and Beyond

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Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics and Beyond by Deborah Jarchow, published by Ashford.

This book is a MUST HAVE! It is absolutely amazing... full of easy-to-understand instructions, incredibly helpful information and beautiful patterns.  I find this book useful, not just for the beginning weaver, but for experienced weavers as well.  If you are just getting started or love the art of weaving on a rigid heddle loom, you will love this book! 

Explore color, design, and texture as you follow Deborah’s clear, step-by-step, instructions.

From warping, weaving, trouble shooting and projects featuring plain weave to inlay and hand-manipulated lace, this book opens up a whole world of creative weaving. 201 pages.

You might also like to sign up for Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics | Craftsy which is an online weaving course with artist Deborah Jarchow.  She demonstrates a variety of rigid heddle techniques for weavers who want to create more complex and beautiful fabrics.  In this course Deborah will lead you through the techniques for color and weave, leno, Brooks bouquet and more!