Roller Bird Bumbaret Towels

Roller Bird Bumbaret Towels

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Designer Jean Newsted's comments on how she came up with inspiration for these brilliantly colored towels: "When my daughter was in southern Africa, she sent me a postcard of a colorful lilac-breasted roller bird. I immediately resolved to weave towels for her using that beautiful bird’s myriad of colors. In a workshop given by Ruby Leslie, I wove a sample in her variation of a traditional bumbaret weave. This weave struck me as the perfect vehicle to show off the beauty of a roller bird because it allows using many warp colors in a fascinating yet orderly fashion."

Dimensions: Weave either two or four generous sized towels (18.5" x 24")

Equipment needed: 4-shaft loom, 23" weaving width; 10 dent reed

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 cottons.

Instructions needed: Winning-Towels-Handwovens-21st-Century-Towel-Contest available from Long Thread Media for warping and weaving instructions.

Designed by Jean Newsted