Rosebud Baby Blanket in Cotton

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Rosebuds at all four corners and ribbon woven through floats along the edges add a dainty touch to this blanket.

Woven on 8-shaft loom in Aurora Earth 8/2, these blankets are soft, machine washable and ready for baby.

You can also change the ribbon color for boys or girls to coordinate with any nursery.

The selvedges in the blanket make a lovely scalloped edge after the blanket is washed and pressed.

Structure: Basket weave and plain weave.

Number of Shafts Required: 8-Shaft Pattern

Finished Dimensions: Two hemmed blankets 29" by 48" each.

Notions: Matching sewing thread; 5 1/2 yd narrow ribbon and 4 ribbon roses per blanket.
(not included in kit)

Warp Length: 4 yd (allows for take-up, shrinkage, and 27" loom waste).

Setts: EPI: 20. PPI: 14

Width in the Reed: 34 1/2" (sley the first and last 6 ends 3/dent in a 10-dent reed).

Take-Up and Shrinkage: 16% in width and length.

Shown in white but you can choose any color shown below.

You will need Handwoven May/June 1993 for complete instructions.

You can also download the single Rosebud Baby Blanket pattern from Long Thread Media for all warping and weaving instructions.