Shadow Box Towels

Shadow Box Towels

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Dazzling Colors
These dazzling handwoven towels look complex to weave, but are achievable even for beginning weavers.

Learn A New Color Technique

Structure: Shadow weave is a color-and-weave effect with a mostly plain weave structure alternating dark and light threads in both warp and weft. The patterning may be bold or subtle depending on the strength of contrast between the alternating colors.

Discover Color!
Discover the interaction of color and treadling as each unique towel emerges.

Easy Weaving!
They're woven in Aurora Earth 100% unmercerized cotton needed to create these gorgeous color combinations. A two-color warp plus four different weft-color combinations are used to weave eight generously sized (18" x 26") towels, four in red/orange pallet and four in blue/yellow pallet.

You Will Need:
*4-shaft loom, 23" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 2 shuttles & bobbins.
*Shadow Box Collection Towels PDF Pattern. You will need to purchase and download this PDF pattern directly from Etsy. Purchase Pattern HERE .

No Ordinary Pattern!
This is no ordinary pattern! It includes everything you need to complete the project successfully. 

What's Included in this 25 page Pattern?
*Materials List and Project Specifications for Two Colorways
*Detailed, Accurate Instructions for Warping and Weaving
*Numbered Threading Guide
*Five Different Numbered Treadling Guides
*Full page drawdowns of Five Treadling Variations
*Tie-ups for Both Rising Shed and Sinking shed
*Heddle Counts
*Color chart of yarns for ease of identifying yarn pack colors 
*Complete WIFs those with weaving software, available upon request.

Sarah Jackson Handwoven Designs
Sarah earned a BFA (concentration in textile design) at the University of Kansas. She is a former technical editor and weaving editor for Handwoven magazine (which has published her work more than 30 times!) Currently, she presents workshops and lectures for weaving guilds and national conferences. 

Designed by Sarah Jackson