Stonewash Log Cabin Placemats or Runners

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Join our Log Cabin Challenge for the month of July!

Log Cabin is a kind of color-and-weave effect.  The order of color in the warp, and the order of color in the weft, are what make this pattern pop out of the fabric.  It appears to be an intricate structure, but it’s just plain weave.

What makes the color squares appear in the color order?  Think of the threading and weaving as color blocks.  Block A will be threaded black, color, black, color.  Block B will be threaded the opposite with color, black, color, black.  You will also follow this same color sequence in the weft by alternating black, color, black, color for Block A, then color, black, color, black for Block B.

I especially like log cabin when weaving placemats and runners.  With this pattern I’ve given instructions for either four placemats or two runners, but you can choose to weave different size mats.  There is at least 102” woven length to work with, so you can plan your placemats and runners according to what size you prefer to make.

Shown in Sapphire Blue 

Weave structure:  plain weave log cabin

Equipment needed:  rigid heddle loom; 13.4” weaving width; 10 dent reed; 3 shuttles

(note: this project can also be woven on a 4-shaft loom in tabby)

Yarns: Stonewash 5/2 cotton in color of your choice and 5/2 cotton Black

Setts: 10 epi (doubled); 10 ppi (doubled threads)

Finished Dimensions:  Four placemats 11.5” x 18” or two runners 11.5” x 36”  (There is sufficient warp length to weave a total of 102”.  Decide on your own size mats or use my examples to weave four placemats or two runners.

Instructions:  A pattern download along with a printed version of this pattern is included in this kit. 

Designed by Jodi Ybarra