Sunflower or Snowflake Coasters

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These Sunflower Coasters were designed as an introduction to using pick-up sticks and heddle-rods with the rigid heddle loom.  These “accessories”- pick-up sticks and heddle rods - often seem daunting but are really quite versatile tools to use with your loom.  With them, you can create patterns on a plain weave background, or create different sheds/shafts that truly expand the capabilities of your loom with minimal additional expense.

These yarn packs include all the yarns needed to weave eight coasters in either Sunflower or Snowflake colors. Designed by Michele Marshall of Mingo's Corner Shop. The pattern is sold separately from these yarn packs.

Zoom Class with Michele Marshall

We are excited to announce a Zoom Class with Michele Marshall for this Spot Lace weaving project! This is a 1-2 hour tutorial that will go over the techniques for weaving spot lace with a pick-up stick and string heddles on your rigid heddle loom. 

This tutorial is designed to demonstrate these techniques.  You won't be weaving along during the presentation but gain knowledge for weaving on your own. 

Class date: Sunday, May 26th 4:00 Eastern (EPT).

Zoom class will be $29 and includes the pattern for these coasters. Contact Michele at and she will give you all the info for class payment and email the pattern to you.

Weave structure: plain weave with pick-up spot lace

Yarns in Sunflower Coasters: 8/4 Rug Warp Cottons in Ivory, Myrtle Green, Gold, and Mahogany

Yarns in Snowflake Coasters: 8/4 Rug Warp Cottons in Royal Blue, Colonial Blue, Dark Navy, Ivory.

Equipment needed: rigid heddle loom; 10" weaving width; one 12 or 12.5 dent reed; one or two pick-up sticks with at least 8” in length; one heddle rod with 34 string heddles to create weft floats reminiscent of flowers or snowflakes; 2 stick shuttles. 

Finished size:  8 coasters 4 3/4” x 5 1/2” excluding fringe.

Instructions needed: Sunflower or Snowflake Coasters Pattern from Mingo's Corner Shop. Sold separately from yarn pack.

Visit Mingo's Corner Shop on Etsy for more patterns by Michele Marshall.

Cotton Clouds supplies the yarns with all the colors needed.  The pattern can be found on Etsy at mingoscornershop.  You will need to purchase this pattern separately from this kit.

Photos by Michele Marshall


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