Tablet Weaving Cards

Tablet Weaving Cards

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Step into an ancient craft with a modern twist with Schacht’s Card Weaving Cards!

Card weaving (also known as tablet weaving) is a way to create patterned woven bands that are thick, sturdy and beautiful.

Though cards are often regarded as a simple tool, the weavings they can produce are infinite in design and complexity. The portability of these cards gives you the possibility of carrying a four harness loom in your pocket.

You can use the cards on their own with a simple tensioning device, such as tying the yarn to a door knob and tensioning around your waist. Or use the cards on a loom.

An inkle loom is an ideal companion, but you can also use them on a rigid heddle, table, or floor loom.

Schacht has developed a card that, at 3 ½ inches square, is comfortable in the hand without being bulky. Colored bands and stripes are printed along each edge as a helpful aid in keeping track of the card’s position.

Made of sturdy yet flexible 24-point card stock, these cards will serve you well over many, many warps.

The cards come in packages of 25, more than enough for a range of projects.

All you need to add is yarn and a belt shuttle.