Tencel 8/2 Mini Cones

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Made from wood pulp cellulose, offering a unique combination of the most desirable properties of man-made and natural fibers.

Extremely environmentally friendly and soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton. Quite simply a “break-through” fiber.

Now with our 4 oz mini cones you have the opportunity to play with color at a very economical price!

You no longer have to buy large cones of every color to design with Tencel. These economical 4 oz cones are perfect for multi-color projects!

  • 100% Lyocell Tencel
  • Manufactured in Canada and dyed in the USA
  • 20-28 epi
  • 840 yards per cone
  • 3360 yds/lb

Colors listed as "sold out" are on backorder and will be shown as available when they are back in stock.

Customer Reviews

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Mary Paulsen
Loved it!

I wove 6 yards x 30 inches. (Baby wrap for my latest grand baby). Beautiful colours. Beautiful to handle. Lovely sheen and drape.