Two by Two Towels by Sarah Jackson

Two by Two Towels by Sarah Jackson

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This new Two by Two towel pattern will guide you step-by-step through the process of weaving mock satin damask pick-up; a weave structure that makes it possible to weave these playful towels on only four shafts.

Design Inspirations
The whimsical rooster appealed to Sarah's love of the challenge of designing for four shafts, so she looked for a pick-up technique that allowed her to create the dog, rooster, squirrel and sheep images.

Mock Satin Damask Pick-Up
The weave structure for all four motifs is mock satin damask pick-up. A twill variation combined with pick-up.
Sarah had woven traditional double weave pick-up (Finnväv) but wanted something that would allow weaving an image on a single layer of cloth. The answer is false, or mock damask pick-up, a twill variation combined with pick-up. The weaving may be slow, but it's fun and gratifying watching the images emerge.

What You'll Need
*4-shaft loom
*21” weaving width
*12 or 6 dent reed; 1 shuttle; 1 bobbin
Two by Two Pattern Instructions You will need to purchase and download this PDF pattern directly from Etsy. Click HERE to download Sarah Jackson's Two by Two Towels PDF pattern
This is no ordinary pattern. In it you will learn everything you need to complete the project successfully! Plus you'll gain invaluable experience working with color combinations for your own future design projects. Pattern includes:
• Detailed project specifications
• Clear instructions for threading and treadling
• Numbered Threading and Treadling Guides
• Heddle counts
• Accurate instructions for warping and weaving
• Full-color draw-down section illustrating threading, tie-up, and treadling
• Color chart of Yarn Requirements that will identify the colors in your kit.
Other Supplies: Piano wire; 5 Ft, Size #13; available on eBay (free shipping): Ebay size 13 piano wire or from a local music store; highlighter tape (optional), ½" wide; available on Amazon.

Order Two by Two Yarn Pack
This exclusively designed yarn pack has just the right amount (more than enough!) of the gorgeous colors of our best-selling 100% unmercerized 8/2 Cotton-- 8/2 Aurora Earth --you will need to weave these these 4 stunning kitchen towels. There's enough warp and an extra color of weft yarn for you to practice this pick-up technique before beginning your towels.

Conveinece of Yarn Packs
Ordering this yarn pack will save you time, money and the hassle of trying to find and order the perfect colors individually. Just add it to your shopping cart below!

Designed by Sarah Jackson