Waffle Weave Towel Set

Waffle Weave Towel Set

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This 8/2 Aurora Earth towel set will bring much delight to whom ever gets the pleasure of using it.

A set of both towels and dish clothes complete this set for your kitchen.

Waffle weave is a hybrid structure - neither plain weave nor twill, but some of both. You will love this technique for its texture and absorbency.

Woven on 4 shaft loom.

Fabric description: Waffle weave

Makes two towels and two dish clothes: 17 1/2" by 28" each; and dishcloths, 9 1/8" by 9 3/4".

Width in reed: 22 1/3" EPI 20; PPI 20

You will need Best of Handwoven: Yarn Series-A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton (eBook) from Long Thread Media to weave towels and more in doubleweave, huck-lace, summer-and-winter, ripsmatta plus other great weave structures.

Designed by: Dianne Totten