Weavers Bandana in Caterpillar Cotton

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A Gift from the Heart

Many of you may know someone going through chemo who is in need of a soft and comforting head scarf.

When Liz Gipson, rigid heddle weaving guru and founder of Yarnworker was looking to purchase a chemo cap to gift her mom who was going through a short round of treatment, Liz thought, “Wait, why not weave one?”

With her mom’s blessing, Liz wrote up the pattern to offer to anyone who is or has a loved one facing this kind of treatment or simply needs a little bit of comfort and joy. And so, this pattern was born!

Whatever life throws your way, may you face it with the grace and humor of Liz's mom. This is a gift from the heart!

Liz Gipson's Free Pattern is included with this kit and will show you how to weave our new Caterpillar Variegated Cotton and Aurora Earth cotton yarns to produce your choice of either two cowl scarves, two chemo bandanas or one of each! Pattern includes plain and lace weave structure.

Color choices are based on the main colors of our Caterpillar Variegated Cotton yarn.

Shown in Berries color combo.

Photo courtesy of Liz Gipson/Yarnworker.