Weaving Made Easy

Weaving Made Easy

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Learn to weave with a rigid-heddle loom!

Learning how to weave is a growing area of interest for fiber crafters, but knowing how to get started can feel overwhelming. Author Liz Gipson gives you the tools to make working on a rigid-heddle loom a joy in this revised and updated version of her much loved book, Weaving Made Easy.

Join Liz as she guides you through understanding weaving vocabulary, getting the loom set up, and starting your first woven projects. You'll quickly discover the joy of weaving on a rigid-heddle loom. It's small, portable, and affordable, making it the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to weave.

The pages of this revised edition include clear step-by-step photos and abundant tips, tricks, and techniques for color, design, and embellishment. Weaving Made Easy is the ultimate idea book for the beginning weaver.

Weaving Made Easy is the beginning weavers’ ultimate guide to making fun, simple, and functional weaving projects from start to finish. It features seventeen simple projects made on the rigid heddle loom, a small, portable, and affordable weaving loom.

Weaving Made Easy includes:
* A step-by-step guide on getting started weaving; weaving vocab 101, tools and materials explained, the basics of warp and weft, and how to start weaving
* Clear instructions for how to make various practical fabrics, from drapy to sturdy scarves and bags to belts, placemats, rugs, and more.
When you’re ready to weave, Weaving Made Easy features 17 fashionable, simple, and functional projects from start to finish.

We highly recommend Liz's companion DVD, Slots and Holes to show you just how easy it is to warp and get started weaving today!

We've put our favorite projects together as kits, to make ordering easy.