Winter Wave Towels

Winter Wave Towels

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The constant motion of waves on the beach is both hypnotic and relaxing, just as weaving these ocean-inspired towels will be.

Weave Structure: These towels can either be woven in plain weave or you can choose to use the pick-up technique for a textured version. We suggest trying both weave structures for a set of towels that are similar yet not quite the same.

Fabric Description:  Plain weave or pick-up technique

Equipment: Rigid Heddle Loom (2-shaft); 19.6” width in 10-dent reed; 2 stick shuttles; 1 pick-up stick

Yarns: Aurora Earth 8/2 100% unmercerized cotton.

Sett: 20 epi (2 ends/dent in 10 dent reed)

Finished Dimensions: 16” x 26” for plain weave towels; 15.25 x 25” for textured towels.

Instructions: You will need the magazine Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2019 from Long Thread Media.

This towel is also available in our new Weaving Through The Seasons Kit-of-the-Month Club towel collection.

Designed by Jodi Ybarra