Yarnworker Mini Rugs

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We encourage you to join Liz Gipson's Yarnworker School of Weaving!

Liz Gipson has been a weaving teacher for over 15 years.  Her mission is to share rigid-heddle know-how. with the world!   

Join the Yarnworker School of Weaving: Summer Weave Along to weave these Mini Rugs with our Rug Warp and 24/7 Cottons

Equipment:  rigid heddle loom; 8 or 7.5 dent reed; two stick shuttles, an additional stick shuttle is helpful for scrap yarn. Tapestry beater or kitchen fork, optional.

Instructions needed: Summer 2020 Weave Along ~ Mini Rugs

Choose your color:  Each kit comes with a natural rug warp and two contrasting 24/7 Cotton colors for weft. (ecru and color of your choice)

Order this Mini Rug Yarn Package for all the yarns you will need.  Pattern is available from Yarnworker School of Weaving.