Zig Zag Rayon Boucle

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Zig Zag is a shiny, supple rayon bouclé that is hand-dyed in Wisconsin by Keli Potter of Interlacements Yarn. 

One skein of Zig Zag will make a scarf! Add another skein to weave a shawl!

A fantastic yarn in both woven and knitted pieces, creating fabrics that swing and drape beautifully. 

They also make great accents when combined with other yarns.  There is so much yardage in these skeins!

Zig Zag comes in a reeled hank, which must be wound into a ball before use.

  • 100% rayon
  • 8 oz hank / 500 yards per hank
  • 1000 yards per pound
  • sett: 10-12 ppi
  • bouclé
  • Hand wash or wash on gentle cycle. The trick to this rayon is to spritz it lightly and put it in the dryer for 3-5 min.  It gets so soft and drapy!

This yarn is featured in our Positive Intensions Shawl Kit.  You can request this free shawl pattern with any order of two or more skeins of Zig Zag.

Note:  Some colors in this yarn tend to bleed with the first 1-2 washes.  We recommend washing with color catchers for the first few times through the laundering process.