ZOOM Loom Keepsake Baby Blanket

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Fun With A Pin Loom
A magnificent blanket and all created with a 4" pin loom! Weave 100 squares, with a variety of easy designs, whip stitch them together and you have created something that will be treasured for generations.

USA Made Organic Cotton
Our kit contains all the 100% Organic Cotton Sport yarn you'll need to create a finished-sized 38" x 38" baby blanket. You'll receive 582 yds./532 m, 9 oz. of our undyed natural 100% Organic Cotton Sport yarn and 224 yds./205 m, 5 oz. of a contrasting low-impact dyed 100% Organic Cotton Sport for the border, plus the instructions.

USA Made Organic Cotton
Choose this kit with either a blue, pink or silver border made from our low-impact dyed cotton.

Great Baby Shower Idea!
Buy the group some pin looms, everyone makes squares and stitch it together as a way to show the newborn they are being born into a community of love, with a forever blanket to be wrapped in.

A 4" square pin loom required. We recommend our Schacht ZOOM Loom

ZOOM Loom Video
See just how easy it is to weave on the ZOOM Loom! It's quick, affordable and oh so portable?
Meet the ZOOM Loom.