Structure Variations: Combining Warp and Weft Floats

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~ Structure Variations ~

Combining Warp and Weft Floats

Are you ready for a special treat!  We have a weaving project that will give you the opportunity to experience structure variations, creating waffle weave on our rigid heddle looms. 

This project is featured in Deborah Jarchow's newest book, Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics & Beyond.  Be sure to order your very own copy if you aren't already enjoying this book.

Waffle weave is a 3-dimensional weaving pattern that is usually woven on multi-shaft looms. We can also accomplish this same weave structure on our rigid heddle looms by using pick-up sticks.  With warp and weft floats we can create raised ridges that produce a fabric that is absorbent, airy and quite perfect for towels.

What's This Project All About?

Learning A New Technique
This Waffle Weave structure is made with two pick-up sticks and a 10 step weaving sequence.  By using both warp and weft pick up you can create a box-like pattern in the cloth, sometimes called waffle weave.  This particular pattern is especially nice because you can leave both pick-up sticks in the warp while weaving.  This makes for a quick weaving process that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

The Equipment Needed & Project Specifics
* Rigid Heddle Loom
* 15” weaving width
* 10 dent reed
*  1 shuttle (or more if you want to incorporate weft stripes)
*  2 pick-up sticks
Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics & Beyond Book for instructions.  You will need to purchase this book if you don't already own a copy.  There are over 30 fun weaving projects included in this book.

Yarns Needed:
Aurora Earth 8/2 Cottons or a similar alternative yarn.  An unmercerized cotton is recommended because of its soft, durable and absorbent nature.

We Make It Easy!

We are offering these Structure Variation: Waffle Weave Towel Kits in three different color combinations.  Each kit contains all the Aurora Earth 8/2 cottons needed to weave two towels. Weave a set (or three) in your favorite colors! 

Choose from Traditional Stripes, Calming Blue Waters, or Spirited Rose Red color combinations.  Our kits make weaving these projects stress free!  All the yarns are included, making it easy to jump right in without having to shop around for all the colors needed.  And as always, your kit will be packaged in a lovely draw string bag that is perfect for storing your project as you weave. 


Spirited Rose Red Towels


Traditional Stripes Towels

You can also use your own yarns with the yarn specifications listed on page 96-99 of Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics & Beyond Book. Note that the amounts shown in book make one towel so be sure to gather the correct yardage amounts to weave your desired number of towels.  




Click here to choose your Structure Variations Towel kits!  


About Deborah Jarchow
When Deborah discovered weaving in 1996, her life-long love of fiber, texture, and color came together. Since then, she has worked full time as a weaver and artist, including teaching fiber arts, creating and selling wearable art, giving lectures, and showing in local, regional, and national exhibits. Her work has been exhibited at many galleries and museums across the country, including the Gerald R. Ford Museum. She has won numerous awards and written articles for national publications.  Deborah is the author of Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics & Beyond and The Weaving Explorer.

I want to express my special thanks to Deborah Jarchow for contributing her weaving knowledge with us!

Jodi Ybarra ❤️

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