July Weaving Challenge: Log Cabin

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July Weaving Challenge: Log Cabin

This challenge is the perfect way to beat the summer heat.  If you're like me and enjoy summer but get to the point where it's just too darn hot out there to survive, then we have a fun weaving challenge to share!

We guarantee that this challenge will get you excited about weaving on your rigid heddle loom!

What is log cabin?  Log cabin is a specific kind of color-and-weave effect that involves two or more colors.  The horizontal (warp yarns) and vertical (weft yarns) are what produce this weave structure.  

There seems to be so much more going on than just plain weave, but truly it's that easy!  You just weave one row at a time, changing weft colors as you go.  

Magic truly appears right before your eyes!

Ok, now that I've talked up how much fun it is to weave a log cabin design, we are ready to get started with the Challenge!  

  • Gather your supplies ~ You will need two colors of yarn, a light and a dark.  We've supplied a pattern in the blog for inspiration, but we would love to see your own unique designs.  Our goal is to see as many different log cabin designs as possible through the month of July.
  • One weaver will be selected for the month of July to win a $50 gift card from this Log Cabin Weaving Challenge!  To be eligible for the July Challenge Gift Card post photos of your log cabin weaving progress and finished project on our Cotton Clouds Rigid Heddle Weaving Group on Facebook or our Cotton Clouds Facebook Page.  The more posts you share about your project, the more chances to win! 
  • Let's get our looms warped and weave together!  I'm here for you every step of the way!  

We can't wait to see all of your beautiful log cabin creations!  

Jodi Ybarra
Cotton Clouds




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