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We are just getting started with the SuperSoftCotton Towel Club with great success! We will be weaving twelve towel kits together over the next twelve months. I’m so excited to share my love of weaving with my fellow rigid heddle weavers!

Let’s get started!

You will love the convenience of receiving a kit each month to build confidence with your weaving skills.  This SuperSoftCotton Weaving Club is the perfect solution if you are like me and just don’t have much time for the things we love. 

How to Manage Your Time to Weave

I will show you that you can find the time in your busy schedule to achieve your weaving goals, whether you have a whole weekend or just 15-30 minutes a day.

I like to make a plan for my daily routine so that I can fit everything I want to accomplish into my day.  Yes, I’m a little crazy but it works for me.

I like to get up an hour before I actually need to get ready for work.  This gives me time to start my day with what I love to do most.  Weaving!  I also set aside more time on the weekends which is a special treat.

Strawberry Tart Kitchen Towels

This month’s project is woven in a houndstooth weave structure. This is a very easy and fun design to weave on your rigid heddle loom.

New! Caterpillar Variegated Cotton Yarn

It’s so exciting to see how the variegated Caterpillar Cotton brings houndstooth plaid to a whole new level. WOW! What fun it is to weave with the bright variegated Caterpillar Cotton yarn.  

Cotton Tail 8/4 Cotton Yarn

Caterpillar Cotton in color Berries is such a delight to weave with. I love the variation from the brightest to the lightest of pinks. Woven alongside the crisp white Cottontail 8/4 cotton yarn made the houndstooth plaid take shape. It’s like weaving a whole towel of little tarts which makes Strawberry Tart Towels the perfect name!

What you need!

All you need is a rigid heddle loom with a 10-dent reed, a few shuttles and of course the Strawberry Tart Towel weaving kit and you can make these towels too! This weaving kit is woven on a 25″ Schacht Flip Loom but can easily be adjusted to any weaving width. These towels can even be woven on a 15″ Cricket Loom.

Houndstooth Design

The houndstooth design is one of my favorite weave structures. The traditional houndstooth check is made with alternating bands of two dark and two light threads in both warp and weft.

This project is so easy to warp, whether you are just getting started or a weaving expert. You will love how quick it is to warp. In less than an hour you will have the yarns on your loom and be ready to weave!

It’s so easy! Step-By-Step Instructions!

The step-by-step instructions included with the Strawberry Tart Towel kit will walk you through every part of the warping and weaving process. I recommend using the direct warping method on your rigid heddle loom. It requires minimal warping tools and is so quick and easy. Here are some tips if you are using the direct warping method.

  1. Place your rigid-heddle loom on one side of the table or on your loom stand.
  2. Measure out the distance needed for your warp length and place a peg at this distance.
  3. The distance between the back beam of your loom and the peg will determine the final length of your weave.
  4. Measure out the width of your warp. Locate the center of your reed and measure 1/2 the weaving width of the warp on one side to find where the edge of your weaving will be. If your warp is 22″ then you will measure 11″ from the center of your reed to start warping.
  5. Knot the yarn you want to use to the back apron rod. Pull the yarn through the slot where you have measured the width.
  6. Extend the yarn all the way to the warping peg and wrap the yarn around the peg once.
  7. Repeat with the next slot and continue this process until the warp is your desired width.
  8. Take the yarn off the warping peg and cut the loop.
  9. Roll up the yarn onto the back beam protecting it by placing paper between the layers of threads as you wind. I like to use a quality wrapping paper for this step. Wind until you have about 15-20″ left hanging in front of the loom.
  10. Take one of the yarn threads from each slot and put through each hole. A threading hook is helpful with this process. You will now have one thread in each slot and one in each hole.
  11. Tie the warp threads to the front apron rod in small bundles. Tighten the warp to get a nice, even tension .

Start Weaving!

Now you are warped and ready to start weaving. You will need to start by weaving a header to get your yarns evenly spaced. Once that is done you are ready to start your first towel. You will be surprised how quickly the inches of fabric develop in front of your eyes.

Join the Cotton Clouds Challenge!!! Receive $50 Gift Card!

  1. Join Now! Join our new SuperSoftCotton® Towel Kit-of-the-Month Club
  2. Show Us Your Stuff! Post your finished set of handwoven towels each month on the Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the Month Club Facebook Group to be eligible to win.
  3. Receive a $50 Gift Card Reward! Complete all twelve towels within the year and post your pics. That’s it! You will receive the $50 Gift Card to shop to your hearts delight at!

I can't wait for you to join the club!

Happy Weaving!

Jodi Ybarra



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