Chili Pepper Towels- Four Step Pick-Up Technique

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These towels are red hot!

Light your senses on fire weaving these Chili Pepper Towels!

Like other members of the red family, chili pepper red is dramatic and exciting.  It’s associated with sensational tastes and cultural diversity.  These towels are just what we need to spice up our lives this summer!

More that just plain weave.

You can easily create so much more than just plain weave on a 2-shaft rigid heddle loom.  By maneuvering the warp threads with a pick-up stick you can create unique and interesting textures in your fabric.

A pick-up stick is the equivalent of adding shafts to your loom.  The yarns are picked up behind the heddle and the stick creates floats, changing the over/under plain-weave effect.

Adding texture to your towels

My Chili Pepper Video-Tutorial will guide you through weaving with a pick-up stick to produce this wonderful texture.  You will learn that by mixing texture and plain weave on the same towel, you can achieve fantastic results. The Inferno Caterpillar Cotton yarn used in the wide bands are already so interesting that plain weave is all you need.  Adding texture to the natural stripes of the Organic 5/3 Cotton yarn in these Chili Pepper Towels brings a whole new look and softness to your towels.   

Easy Four-Step Pick-Up Stick Technique

When using a pick-up stick you will only be working with the slot threads. These threads move freely, making them easy to manipulate. With the heddle in the down position (slot threads up) and working behind the heddle, place the pick-up stick under and over the designated threads shown in your pattern.   Slide the pick up stick to the back of the loom until needed for the pick-up technique pattern.  Complete step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, are included in your kit.

Featured in Little Looms 2020

I’m excited to have my Chili Pepper Towels featured in the current issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms Summer 2020! 

You’ll find it listed posted on our website under the name Tarahamara Corn Towels.

We GuaranteeSuccess!

I love weaving these towels so much and hope that you will too. If you run into any problems, whether it’s warping, weaving or finishing your Chili Pepper Towels, please feel free to drop me an email so that I can help get you back on track to completing them. I’m here for you! Jodi

Weave a set of towels each month for a year!

The very best way to hone your weaving skills and learn new techniques is to weave month after month. Join the Club and weave just two (or four if you’re more adventuresome) each month for a year! Plus, as a club member you’ll receive free shipping on each kit sent!

Have fun weaving your Chili Pepper Towels!

Jodi Ybarra

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