Mango Salsa Towels

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Mango Salsa Towels

It’s time to weave some happy colors!

It’s time to warp your loom with bright, cheerful colors! This month our weaving will promote happiness and wellbeing. Color strongly impacts my emotions and greatly affects my mood. I’m sure it does yours as well. So let’s weave with some happy colors!

I actually felt happy and cheerful after weaving with these colors and realized that the colors were making me feel energized! I decided to do some research on how colors affect our moods and this is what I learned.

Orange makes you feel energized and enthusiastic.

Yellow makes you feel happy and spontaneous.

White makes you feel pure, fresh and clean.

The brighter a color, the more happy and optimistic you’ll feel!

Colors like bright yellow can feel energizing and make you feel more alert.

Changing Weft Colors

We will be weaving these Mango Salsa Towels with three shuttles, changing colors throughout to weave a plaid design.

These towels weave up quick and easy with a simple color change technique. This video will show you just how easy it is!

Tutorial Video

There’s more! My latest Mango Salsa Tutorial Video shows you step-by-step how to warp and weave this month’s SuperSoftCotton® Towels. Hope you enjoy it!

Good Selvedges

The next step in reaching your full “weaving happiness” is achieving good selvedges up each side of your project.

Smooth and even selvedges depend on several factors. Warp tension, weft angle, and shuttle position when weaving with more than one weft color all are part of achieving this goal.

Although nothing replaces practice, here are a few tips that will help create conditions for stress-free, perfect selvedges every time.

  1. Keep an even beat throughout. You will want to have a relaxed beat, not too tight and not too loose. I would rather use the term giving my weft a love pat rather than a beat. Use a measuring tape as you progress to make sure you are weaving with a balanced weave.
  2. Advance your warp often so you aren’t weaving too close the the heddle.
  3. Place your yarn at an angle as you weave.

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We now have SuperSoftCotton® Towel kits for 24″ and 15″ rigid heddle looms!

Happy Spring! Happy Colors! Happy Weaving!




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