Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl in Tencel

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Why Tencel?

When Sarah Jackson and I first started designing the Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl back in March 2020, our Chinese source of Tencel 8/2 had all but dried up due to COVID-19.

So we decided to use Bambu 12 instead. We loved using Bambu 12 for the gossamer-fine fabric it would give when woven at 30 ends per inch. Perfect for a very special prayer shawl.

We knew that the lightness, the drape, the flowing fabric would be well worth the time and concentration necessary to produce this sacred cloth.

It’s been a huge success! Thank you for all your wonderful support!

New Pattern Variation!

Yet, so many of Sarah’s Weave-Along fans wondered why we hadn’t designed the shawl using Tencel 8/2. Now that our source of Tencel is secure, Sarah set out to replicate the Original Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl design by weaving it with this Tencel 8/2.

There’s a new pattern variation of the Original Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl now available from Sarah Jackson on Etsy. It’s the Peace of My Heart Prayer Shawl, Tencel Variation of Pattern #43.

What’s the difference?

What is the difference between Cotton Clouds’ new Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl in Tencel 8/2 and the Original Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl in Bambu 12 Prayer Shawl?

*Tencel 8/2 (3360 yds/lb) is slightly thicker than the Bambu 12 (6300 yds/lb). Bambu 12 fabric is lighter and more drape able than Tencel 8/2.

*Tencel 8/2 is sett at 20 epi; Bambu 12 is sett at 30 epi.

*Tencel 8/2 is derived from the sustainably sourced renewable raw material wood, and produced by environmentally responsible processes. Tencel defines a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort. So is Bambu 12.

*Tencel 8/2, like Bambu 12 is a manufactured cellulose rayon yarn, Manufacturers take wood pulp/bamboo and dissolve it in a chemical solvent, then force it through an extruder to form the fibers that are then spun into a yarn.

*Tencel 8/2 as a thicker yarn has a pronounced sheen and luster than the finer Bambu 12

*Tencel 8/2 will take less time to warp and weave.

This Peace of My Heart Prayer Shawl in Tencel 8/2 contains all the right amount of yarns (and then some) to weave a 20″ x 80″ plus 5″ fringe on each end. You’ll need a 25″ 4-shaft loom with two shuttles and two bobbins. Sett at 20 ends per inch in a 10 dent reed. Choose from two stunning color combinations, Daybreak and Nightfall. These colors create a rich and shimmering shadow weave fabric in a pomegranate motif.




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