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Joy of Weaving

Creativity is a way of life! Whether you’re just learning the art of weaving or a master at the loom, take a moment to think about why you started weaving. Did you learn on your own, or from a friend or family member? What was the very first pattern you made on your loom? Did you keep your first piece of art, or give it as a gift of love?

I hope while reflecting on your adventures through weaving you felt a sense of joy, relaxation, and inspiration to keep doing what you love! Weaving is an art, an outlet for expressing your creativity, and a sensory experience that creates a space of calm and living in the moment. Our hope is that while weaving these 36 kitchen towels you get a release from outward distractions and proudly take this time to create beautiful things that bring you joy and happiness.

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What a Wonderful Weaving Community!

Since our first kitchen towel club, “Year of Towels”, there have been hundreds of happy weavers enjoying our clubs!  It is so wonderful to see everyone’s excitement for creativity.  We have been able to build such an inspirational community of weavers through our Cotton Clouds Kit-of-the-Month Clubs.

Once we realized how loved the “Year of Towels” club was, we continued on designing more projects to expand your weaving creativity.  You can now enjoy weaving 36 different projects from “Year of Towels”, “Weaving Through the Seasons” and our newest club, “Super Soft Cotton Towels”!

Creative Minds Inspire Others

One of our favorite things about our kit-of-the-month kitchen towel clubs is being a part of a community that shares a passion for weaving! It’s so inspirational to see our club members posting photos of their towels, writing to us about any questions they have, and sharing how they will be sharing their towels with their loved ones as gifts that can be treasured forever! There is always joy to be found amongst people that share a common passion, and that is what we have proudly created through our kit-of-the-month clubs.

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You’ve Got Mail!

We know how time consuming it can be to start a weaving project!

Decide what to weave, find a pattern you like, shop for all the yarns, hope that the pattern provides you with easy to follow instructions….

All of these reasons are exactly why our kit-of-the-month clubs were designed! We take the guesswork out so that you can just have fun weaving!

Jodi takes great care in writing clear, step-by-step instructions that even the very beginning rigid heddle weaver can follow, and has tested all 36 kitchen towel patterns herself. Along with each pattern, all of the beautiful colors of yarn you need will be packaged up and sent right to your mailbox each month, so you can get started on your next weaving project in no time at all.

As always, we are here to help! We love talking with other rigid heddle weavers!  Should you run into any difficulties just send an email to jodi@cottonclouds.com and she will answer any of your questions, whether it’s about ordering or any part of the warping and weaving process! Our goal is to help make your rigid heddle weaving experience fun and successful!

More to Love!

When you join a Cotton Clouds’ Kit-of-the-Month Club you will love how easy it is to weave beautiful gift-worthy projects every month and all of the other time and money saving benefits!

  1. Save Time:  We package all the yarns in the colors you love, along with guaranteed success step-by-step instructions.
  2. Save Money:  Free Shipping* comes with every monthly kit shipped. You are billed only when your kit ships. There are no club fees.
  3. Save Hassle:  When you Join the Club, you order just once. We make sure that your kit is shipped directly to you each month for a year!

Which Kit-of-the-Month Club will you start with?!

Our 3 Kitchen Towel kit-of-the-month clubs:

Year of Towels

Weaving Through The Seasons

Super Soft Cotton Towels

weaving loom

Weave, Smile, Repeat!

Read more about our Kitchen Towel kit-of-the-month clubs on our website and chose which club you want to shuttle your inspiration into first! How wonderful it will feel completing all 36 beautifully designed kitchen towels for your home and to share with others.

Remember we are always here to help and support you with all your weaving creations! Contact us with any questions at jodi@cottonclouds.com.

We can’t wait to hear about your weaving experiences, and see photos of your completed projects as you weave your way through our 3 beautiful kitchen towel clubs!

“I will create beautiful things, and that will be my life.”

May you lead with inspiration,

Jodi & Jessica

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