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You love to weave!

Whether you are new at it or it’s been in your life for many years, weaving is something you just love to do. When you are weaving, it feels like the world has receded just a bit and you’re more relaxed and more satisfied with who you are. When you do what you love, your life just seems a little brighter.

kitchen towel pattern

Your life is busy!

There are just soooo many things on your plate. The list is long and taking the time to decide on what to weave, to find time-tested instructions, to gather all the right yarns in the colors you love, to even remember to order your project is just one more thing to remember to do. If you could just open your mailbox and your next weaving project is there, you would be so happy!

You love to improve your skills!

If you are new to weaving, it may seem like there are so many things to learn. Not only that, but you know that what you really need is practice! The more you practice, the more you will build your weaving confidence! You need to wind a warp, thread the reed/heddles, get the tension and selvedge edges even, develop a constant and rhythmic style of weaving. And you know the more you do this on a regular (monthly) basis, your skills will improve. Plus learning new weaving techniques and seeing how colors, texture and pattern all interact is what you want! If weaving isn’t new to you but you just love to weave, join the club!

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You love an abundance of handwoven fabrics!

Of course, the more you weave the more your stash of handwoven fabrics will enlarge. You love to give handwoven towels, scarves, shawls, baby blankets to those you love. You love to have a stash of towels to give as birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower gifts on a moment’s notice! And you want to know that the gifts you give are made of the highest quality materials-quality cotton and cotton blend yarns (some even organic!), colorfast and machine wash and dryable. You want to be proud of the handwoven gifts you give.

You love to save time, money and the hassle of ordering online!

When you join a Cotton Clouds’ Kit-of-the-Month Club you can rest assured that you will:

  1. Save Time We package all the yarns in the colors you love along with GuaranteedSuccess@ step-by-step instructions.
  2. Save Money Free Shipping* comes with every monthly kit shipped. You are billed only when your kit ships. There are not club fees.
  3. Save Hassle When you Join the Club, you order just once. We make sure that your kit is shipped directly to you either on the first of 15th of each month for a year! Just sit back and watch the mailbox for your next fun weaving project!
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You love to set attainable goals!

You trust in yourself. You know that you can set a goal of weaving even just 15 minutes a day or all day on weekends. You know that making this commitment will give you a sense of accomplishment and develop a sense of self-worth. You know you can do it once you set your sights on the goal! But did you know that Cotton Clouds is here for you, every step of the way? Our Guaranteed Success means that we will personally work with you (via phone or email) to help you get past any weaving hurdles to complete your kit projects!

You want to try one!

Our 30 Day Free Trial let’s you try it for a month! Join the club. You then have 30 days from arrival to give it a try. Open the package, read the instructions, love-up to the yarns, — oh the textures and colors–and set up your loom. Give yourself a week to warp, a week to weave, a week to finish and a week to sit back and realize that you can do it! If not, you can cancel your membership with no cancellation fees. Keep the kit you paid for. The club kit’s FreeShipping will be on us! It’s just that easy!

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Join NOW!

Our mission is to help create rewarding weaving experiences for you. We have over a fifteen different Kit-of-the-Month Clubs to meet every level of weaving experience, every type of loom (from simple rigid heddle to four and eight shaft looms. Join a club to weave practical cotton dish towels (we have seven towel kit clubs), stunning scarves, baby blankets, table runners and more! There’s sure to be something right for you.
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If you are ready to commit to weave all year long, to save time, money and the hassle of ordering online, to hone your weaving skills and to learn new techniques that show you how to combine color, texture and weave structure and to ultimately give yourself a stack of beautiful handwoven fabrics, then it’s time for you to JOIN a Cotton Clouds’ Kit-of-the-Month Club! We’re here to help make these dreams come true.

Click HERE for a complete listing of Cotton Clouds’ Kit-of-the-Month Clubs! We’d love to have you join the hundreds of our very satisfied weavers who have!

Happy Weaving,



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