What's So Great About 8/2 Cotton?

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Spring is finally here! Though the weather may not have gotten the message in certain areas, it’s time to start thinking of BBQs, backyard parties, and warmer weather. And of course, what goes better with an evening on the patio then some gorgeous handwoven napkins? For projects like these, we recommend 8/2 Aurora Earth: A Weaver’s Best Friend.

aurora earth yarn

Aurora Earth is an unmercerized cotton yarn. Unmercerized cotton’s tendency to look more like natural cotton and to be very absorbent mean that it’s perfect for weaver’s favorite project – the hand towel – as well as things like napkins, breadcloths, and similar kitchen and bath items. Find a more thorough explanation of the process and benefits of each style “Mercerized vs unmercerized: Which will it be?” in this blog post.

Here why 8/2 Aurora Earth is one of our favorite yarns:
        • ABSORBENT Did you know that cotton is able to absorb up to 27 times its weight in liquid water? Cotton’s absorbent properties occur for several reasons, including its specific molecular structure and the structure of water. 
        • AFFORDABLE Few fibers are as inexpensive as cotton, and 8/2 Aurora Earth is a best buy yarn. This yarn is available on cones with a put-up of of 16 ounces (that’s 3360 yards of yarn, or about 4 dishtowels) for only $32!
        • GREAT COLORS 8/2 Aurora Earth is available in over 40 solid colors and 10 variegated shades, so you can bring the vision in your mind to life on your loom. Preview the wide range of colors here.
aurora earth variegated
        • PACKAGING Our standard 16 oz cones are an economical choice for any project. With 3360 yds yards of yarn on each cone, they’ll last through several projects for a low price. If you’re looking for a smaller put-up, we also offer 8/2 Aurora Earth in 4 oz cones. These smaller cones are perfect for colorwork projects. For starters, check out our Designing With Color kitchen towel kit.

For even more pattern inspiration, we make weaving with 8/2 Aurora Earth easy. We offer numerous weaving kits for use with this yarn, for projects ranging from scarves to home decor to towels and more. Each kit contains just the right amount of yarn to finish a project, and is available in gorgeous color combos for a beautiful finished project.

We’re also excited to offer our Kit of the Month Club to coincide with Handwoven’s A Dozen Projects in 8/2 Cotton e-book. Discover and delight in these projects to weave using our Aurora Earth 8/2 cotton on any four-shaft loom. You will not only save by receiving FREE SHIPPING on every club shipment but you will also get just the right amount of yarn without having to buy full size cones of the many colors needed for these projects! Find more information on our website, and preview the projects in the video below:

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