Arizona Sunset Towels

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This weaving kit includes all the yarns needed to weave these Arizona Sunset Towels that were designed by Jodi Ybarra for the Baker's Dozen Towel Collection.

There is nothing more stunning than an Arizona sunset. I hope you all have had the opportunity to see one in person, but if not you can weave these exact colors that Arizona is so famous for.

Weave Structure:  plain weave in houndstooth plaid

Equipment needed:  Rigid Heddle Loom (2-shaft); 23.4” weaving width; 10 dent reed; 4 shuttles

Warp & Weft Yarns: 8/4 cotton Burnt Orange, Bamboo Pop Sunsetter, 8/4 Cotton Gold, Aurora Earth 8/2 Cotton Cinnamon

Finished Dimensions: 18 ½” x 27” hemmed.

Instructions: Included in kit.

You can find these towels in our Baker's Dozen Kit-of-the-Month Club.

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