Handwoven Baby Blankets Club ~ 4 Shaft Weaving

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What better way to welcome that precious, tiny new person than with luxurious, handwoven blankets!

These beautiful, colorful designs will appeal to lovers of traditional weaves.

We've put together six blanket projects that are sure to please.  These projects are featured in Handwoven Baby Blankets Book by Tom Knisely and can be woven on your 4-shaft loom.

Remember, baby blankets aren't just for babies.  Lots of children would love a special blanket to call their own.  Every child, no matter the age would love a beautiful, cozy blanket.

Blankets are so comforting.  They are perfect to cuddle up with at story time, or maybe your little one is having a rough day and just wants to snuggle away the blues.  Whatever the reason, a blankie is the perfect solution.

You will also enjoy the free book that is included!  Handwoven Baby Blanket Book by Tom Knisely with more than 30 snuggly cozy projects to weave and enjoy.

What You Need

  • 4-shaft loom
  • 36” weaving width
  • 2 shuttles
  • various dent reeds
  • experience reading drafts

What You Get

  • Fun weaving projects each month that you are sure to enjoy
  • All the yarns you’ll need to complete each project
  • Free Book!  Handwoven Baby Blanket Book by Tom Knisely 
  • Free Shipping on each kit when you join the club

What You Pay
*You will be billed $59.95 each month for 6 months.  Your membership automatically ends after the sixth month.

Weaving kits that are included with club membership:

Pretty in Pink Baby Blankets (available in pink, jade, yellow or blue)

Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket

Wynken, Blynken and Nod Baby Blanket

Goosey Gander Baby Blanket

Rose Garden Baby Blanket

Diamonds in the Sky Baby Blanket

Each kit can also be ordered individually from our Weaving Kit page.

Photo credits to Kathleen Eckhaus and Stackpole Publishing

 Note:  There is a $20 cancellation fee for any club that is cancelled before the 6-month membership ends.