Rose Garden Baby Blanket

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These blankets are threaded in Rose Path twill and a design effect known as color and weave. 

Warping is fast and easy because you can hold both colors together as you wind your warp, taking half the warping time.

Weave structure: Rose Path twill

Yarns: 8/4 Cotton in Cranberry and Lavender

Equipment needed: 4-shaft loom; 34" weaving width; 8 dent reed (doubled in reed for 16 epi); 2 shuttles

Finished size: one baby blankets approximately 30" x 48" 

Instructions needed: Handwoven Baby Blankets by Tom Knisely book page 58-59.  This book includes over 30 baby blanket designs.  Sold separately.  Be sure to order this book if you don't already own a copy.

Designed by Tom Knisely