Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl in Bambu

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This Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl was designed specifically so that we could come together and weave something that touches our hearts and gives us a sense of meaning.

The Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl is a collaboration between Sarah Jackson of Sarah Jackson Designs and Cotton Clouds.

We chose Bambu 12, a fine yarn to create a beautiful, lightweight fabric that is light as air. The gossamer-fine fabric shimmers in the sunlight and moves with your body's movements. This yarn pack has just the right amount of yarns you'll need on convenient cones for easier warping.

This project will encourage you to stay focused, take your time, and weave beautiful “slow fabric” that feels and drapes like finely woven silk fabric. Bambu 12 is very fine, requiring you to pay attention! It is a meditation in movement. There are 660 ends to thread at 30 epi. It's Slow Fabric for our slowed-down time. Finished size with fringe is: 18" x 71" plus 5" fringe on each end.

Sarah chose a shadow weave draft with a motif evocative of cross wood grain which reminds us of the seasons of growth and change in our lives. The shape is also reminiscent of a pomegranate, a fruit with various cultural-religious significance as a symbol of life and beauty and unity.

What You'll Need:
*4-shaft loom
*22.5" weaving width
*15 dpi reed
* 2 boat shuttles & bobbins
**Pattern from Etsy sold separately Click here to Purchase and download the Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl PDF pattern by Sarah Jackson Designs

Sarah Jackson Interview: We asked Sarah about her inspiration for designing this Prayer Shawl. Read our latest blog: Peace of My Heart™ Prayer Shawl - Sarah Jackson Interview.

note: Using hot water to wash the Prayer Shawl setts the weave and prevents future shrinkage. I only use hot water for the initial washing--for future laundering: Hand wash in cool water with mild soap.

Shrinkage is about 16%-18% in both width and length.