Shimmering Shadow Weave Shawl in Bambu 7

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You'll love how this shadow weave shawl shimmers!

Shadow weave always looks more complicated than it really is. Although it is mostly plain weave, the color-and-weave effect makes shadow weave look anything but plain!

Yarns: Bambu 7 and Bambu 7 Variegated yarns make the color variations in this shawl sumptuous!

Color Options: Two weaving variations to choose from. The weft of one shawl is solid Bambu 7 Passion Red (full shawl on model); the weft of the variegated (shown in detail on left of picture) is Bambu 7 Variegated in Tropical Sunset.

Equipment needed: 4-shaft loom; 25" weaving width; 8-dent reed, 2 shuttles; 3 bobbins

Instructions needed: Handwoven Jan/Feb 2012 which you will need for all the warping, weaving and finishing instructions. Be sure to order this Handwoven magazine from Long Thread Media if you don't already have this issue.

Designed by Robin Lynde for Handwoven magazine.