Turnabout Scarf in Chenille & Tencel

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Two Great Yarns in one scarf!

Soft and luxurious, this rayon chenille is a delight to wear but works best in “stricter” weave structures. For that reason, Sarah Jackson chose diversified 4-shaft plain weave for this cowl-style reversible scarf. Diversified plain weave has no floats, allowing the chenille to strut its stuff.

Gypsy Chenille works equally well in both warp and weft, making it a perfect candidate for diversified plain weave. Its trademark softness creates a sumptuous scarf that’s delightful to weave and wear. We love the feel of fabrics woven from Gypsy Chenille and the fact that it comes in over 100 solid and variegated colorways.

Our 8/2 Tencel serves as the perfect foil for Gypsy Chenille. Silky, shimmery, and strong, the Tencel lets the chenille shine while adding to the luxuriousness of the scarf.

Weave structure: 4-Shaft Diversified Plain Weave

Yarns: Gypsy Chenille and 8/2 Tencel Variegated

Instructions needed: Handwoven Loom Theory: Four Shaft Scarf Collection. It's a special collection of high-end scarves woven using luxury yarns, with designs that specifically highlighted the unique qualities of those yarns.

In this book, Handwoven celebrates fine silk, wool, rayon chenille, tencel and linen yarns in four-shaft patterns. Some of the best weaving designers used their expertise and experience to design scarves that are not only beautiful because of the yarns they are woven in but also interesting because of the weave structures used. View Look Book on this link.

Designed by Sarah Jackson

Photo by Caleb Dane Young/GoodFolk Photography

Jewel Combo: #11 Dark Navy Chenille, #524 Black Cherry Chenille, Jewel Combo Tencel

Iris Combo: #232 Blue Velvet Chenille, #002 Black Chenille, Iris Combo Tencel

Mountain Stream: #227 Bronze Chenille, #11 Dark Navy Chenille, Mountain Stream Tencel

TURNABOUT SCARF designed by Sarah Jackson
STRUCTURE: Diversified plain weave.

*4-shaft loom
* 9" weaving width
*8-dent reed; 2 shuttles.

*Gypsy Chenille (100% rayon 1,300 yd/lb; Cotton Clouds)
*8/2 Tencel (3,360 yd/lb)

Color Shown: Tashkent