Year of Towels® Pattern Book Collection

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Year of Towel Pattern Book Collection 

12 Beautifully Unique Towel Patterns Featuring Aurora Earth 8/2 Cotton Yarns!

Discover and delight in these 12 towel weaving projects using your rigid heddle loom.  You will love the convenience of having a weaving pattern on hand to create beautiful handwoven towels.

Towels are easy to weave and allow you to play with color, learn new techniques, and produce something special in just a short amount of time.  Towels can be given as heartfelt gifts or woven to bring color to your home. Your friends and family will love receiving and using these handwoven towels!

Learn new techniques!
Our Year of Towel patterns are a great way to learn new rigid heddle techniques with each design!  You will get to experience many weave structures including plain weave, waffle weave, houndstooth plaid, log cabin, and textured weaves.

Easy to Follow Instructions!
Our patterns guarantee success with easy step-by-step instructions, yardage charts, and warping drafts. We also offer one-on-one help if ever needed.  Email us at for any help needed along the way.

Instant Download!
You'll receive 12 beautiful patterns for rigid heddle weaving delivered instantly right to your computer!

We have two versions of this pattern book available.  Use the drop-down menu to choose patterns for a 15" loom or 24" rigid heddle loom.

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Free Offer!
You will get this Year of Towels Pattern Collection EBook for free when joining the Year of Towels Kit-of-the-Month Club (12-month membership required), or by purchasing a Year of Towels Bundle.


© 2023 Cotton Clouds Inc. All rights reserved.  No part of this document may be reproduced without prior written permission of Cotton Clouds Inc.

All yarns for this design are available from Cotton Clouds.  If you have any questions while weaving this pattern, don’t hesitate to send an email to and I will guide you along the way!  You may sell products using my patterns but I would love credit for the design.

Happy weaving!    Jodi Ybarra