Cotton Spinning Tips

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Spin Cotton! It’s the new luxury fiber–tenderly soft and lofty with a fresh, clean hand. Now you can spin in luxury without the expense!

Cotton needs a lot of twist to hold together as a yarn! You can’t overtwist it!

Practice spinning cotton on a support (Tahkli) spindle to get the feel!

Begin with a long staple (Pima) cotton fiber either in lint (ginned) or Puni (carded into a rolag) form.

Set your wheel’s spinning ratio (wheel to revolutions of bobbin) to the highest, or sit farther back from the orifice.

Adjust your spinning wheel so that there is just enough draw-in to have control of the fibers as you spin.

Relax, sit back, take a deep breath and have fun spinning cotton.


Cotton Clouds provides you with Quality Cotton Spinning Fibers in a variety of preparations that make it easy for any beginner to get started spinning and for the experienced spinner to explore the limitless possibilities of creating the most advanced, delicate yarns.

We highly recommend these excellent DVD’s devoted to cotton spinning:

Cotton Spinning Made Easy

Cotton Spinning With A Tahkli



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