Yarn Lovers Unite!

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You are invited!

We have been getting lots of questions from all of you that are interested in the fabulous fun craft of weaving. We are here to support you, answer all of your questions, and cheer you on throughout your weaving journey!
Many of you may consider knitting and crochet your main love, but just want to venture out with more fun ways to use all of the luscious yarns that we all can't get enough of.  We have amazing news.... weaving gives you one more craft to express your love for yarn!

Learn a New Craft!

I had a strong passion for knitting and crochet for many years, but one day I decided to try weaving.  It just seemed like my yarn loving heart needed to give it a try.  You all know how the colors and textures of yarn makes our hearts beat a little faster..... learning to weave gave me one more way to express this passion!

It's Time for Adventure!

Now that so many of us are staying closer to home, it's the perfect opportunity for your first, or next, weaving adventure. 
Our weaving patterns are designed in a way that support beginning weavers, but also keep each project exciting.  We take you through the steps of weaving each project and teach you all there is to know about weaving on a rigid heddle loom.  Our rigid heddle weaving projects are so fun and with each new design you will feel such gratification as your projects come off the loom!

Don't own a loom?

Check out our rigid heddle looms and tapestry looms to get even more excited about your new passion for weaving.  We make it easy to get started and offer one-on-one help every step of the way. 
You may start out a beginner, but after creating 12 months of beautiful projects you will feel like a pro!  Start your weaving journey today!


Join us for a year of weaving or spinning!

Home Sweet Home ~ Rigid Heddle Weaving
Year of Towels ~ Rigid Heddle Weaving
Weaving Through the Seasons ~ Rigid Heddle Weaving
Love My Knots ~ Tapestry Weaving
Fibers to Love ~ A Year of Spinning
We can't wait to start crafting with you!
 Jodi & Jessica

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