A Dozen Projects for Rigid Heddle Weaving

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We've put together twelve of our most popular rigid heddle weaving projects that you are sure to enjoy!

You will enjoy weaving towels, mug rugs and pillows for your home, beautiful scarves to keep you snuggly warm and gifts to give to your family and friends.

There are so many fun projects coming your way!

What You Need
Rigid heddle loom; up to 24” weaving width
* 10 & 12 dent reeds
* Stick shuttles and pick-up stick.
* The love of rigid heddle weaving whether beginning or experienced.

What You Get
*Fun weaving projects each month that you are sure to enjoy
*All the yarns you’ll need to complete each project
*Step-by-step warping, weaving and finishing instructions for every project
*Tips and hints for successful rigid heddle weaving
*Access to our Facebook Rigid Heddle Weaving Group to share your finished projects  *One-on-one help either by email or phone if needed

*You will also get the opportunity to choose colors for some of these kits.  You will receive an email from us with a list of kits with color choices.  

What You Save
*Time choosing yarns and colors
*Hassle of gathering all the yarns and instructions
*Free Shipping on each kit when you join the club

What You Pay
*You will be billed $49.95 each month for 12 months.  Your membership automatically ends after the twelfth month.

Note:  There is a $20 cancellation fee for any club that is canceled before the 12 month membership ends.

Weaving kits that are included with club membership:

Bread Basket Towels - makes two towels

Hug-in-a-Mug Rugs - makes 18 mats

Caterpillar Cotton Fingertip Towels - makes four towels

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend Towels - makes two towels

Mountain Mist Scarf - makes one scarf

Cool Stripes Towels - makes two towels

Hot Checks Towels - makes two towels

Sweet as Pie Towels - makes two towels 

Rustic Southwest Towels - makes four towels

Weave with Chenille Scarf - makes one scarf

Playing With Blocks Towels - makes two towels

Suzie's Gift Towels: makes two towels